The Easiest way to Call from your Computer


FireRTC™ is a free online phone

FireRTC™ allows users to make calls to regular phones 

FireRTC™provides more than just Caller ID. It leverages the power of the Internet to provide rich, contextual information about the person you are speaking with.


  • Configurable outbound Caller ID
  • Free calls to regular phones for personal use
  • Google contacts integration
  • Chrome App
  • Multiple routing algorithms
  • Integrated Local Number Portability (LNP) via a third party or cached database
  • Local call routing
  • Easy integration with WebRTC applications


  • Routes thousands of calls per second
  • Manage up to 1 billion rates
  • Manage up to 100 million dial codes
  • Easily spot and troubleshoot
  • Route in ways that your competitors cannot.  Maximize revenues and profits