Effortless CDR Management

Analytics, Secure Backup, Search and Recovery


Call Detail Record (CDR) volume has grown dramatically in recent years. With more services and new regulations, the IT costs associated with maintaining ever growing volumes of data has skyrocketed.

Slinger™ helps communications companies simply and cost-effectively manage the huge volume of call detail records generated across the network. Slinger™ uses distributed network storage to archive unlimited amounts of CDRs, and provide you with secure access to the records you need, when you need them.


  • Real time and long term trend reporting

  • 100% web based, no hardware or software to install or maintain locally

  • Customer and vendor portals

  • Simple to use web interface

  • Search or filter for any record or set of records


  • Drastically reduce IT costs

  • Comply with government and industry regulations on CDR and IPDR retention

  • Quickly respond to audits, discovery, and customer requests

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