How to Retrieve All of Your Slinger Downloads at Once

We’ve been getting a lot of people asking how to retrieve a large number of Slinger downloads at once. There are a few different ways but here I’m going to describe the easiest and most user-friendly method.


  • Firefox browser
  • DownThemAll! Firefox add-on


Step 1

Download and install DownThemAll!

It can be found here

Step 2

Navigate to your Slinger downloads page

Right click on the page and then click “DownThemAll!”

Step 3

Choose where you want the files to be saved to in the “Save Files In:” dropdown menu

Put “*/download” in the “Fast Filtering” input field

Click start!

Step 4

If a “File Name Confict!” dialog pops up choose “Rename into ‘…’” and choose “Just for this session” and press “OK”